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We are a warm, welcoming, inclusive, friendly bunch who love to dance. Coming together from varying backgrounds, we thoroughly enjoy each other's company and have formed lasting friendships both on and off the dance floor.

Sue is an incredibly passionate teacher with over 30 years experience. Sue's classes are absolutely awesome fun, eagerly energetic and offer easy to learn to dance tuition.

The benefits of dance are proven and can bring additional health and vitality to any day.

Take an 'average day' then build in some dance and realize the positive and rewarding results from a little music, a few Boot Scootin steps and encouraging vibes.

Here are just a few benefits from a flirt with dancing that may unobtrusively exude their way throughout your body ..

  Increase in Flowing Endorphins throughout the body

  Noticeable Physical Toning throughout

  Improvement in Posture and Balance

  Fundamental Flexibility decreasing the chance of injury

  Cool As Creativity

  Stimulating Confidence & Self Esteem

  Brilliant Brain to Body & Body to Brain togetherness

  Encourages Stronger Bones so limiting the risk of osteoporosis

  Epically Helps the Weight!

Spotlight on Sue

sueSue grew up in Yorkshire, England, God’s Own Country!

Sport mad from an early age, Sue played representative hockey for Yorkshire and North of England.

She studied to become a Phys. Ed teacher with Music as a second subject. Talented in both sport and music, Sue coached school sports teams and also produced musicals - “Fame” & “Grease” being memorable!

Wanting to spread her wings and fly, Sue travelled to Australia in 1987 and settled initially in Melbourne where she created Dance-FitKidz, a programme widely taught in schools in Victoria.

Cowboy Culture tempted Sue to give Line Dancing 'a go' in 1990 and in 1992 Sue founded her own dance club, Country Soul.

Sue conducted workshops, judged and competed in Tamworth for several years and was 2 step champion in 1996.

From Melbourne, Sue eventually found Noosa which she now calls home and established Sunny Coasters Linedancing in 2018. The dancing focus has shifted to back to basics - fun, fitness and friendship whilst still maintaining dance tuition for beginners through to those more experienced.

These days, choreography is a passion for Sue and she regularly introduces new dances to her classes.

The Sunny Coasters Linedancing club continues to grow and warmly welcomes new members.

Sunny Coasters Line Dancing   2023
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